Açıklanan iphone x kapak Hakkında 5 Kolay Gerçekler

Hands On With Prototype & Case!

Apple's huge September media occasion is over, but there had been a lot of things announced or teased that may not have really received the similar fanfare as the iPhone X , iPhone 8 or iPhone eight Plus but do deserve recognition in their personal appropriate. Wireless charging suggests, as the name suggests, you no longer will need to plug a cable into your smartphone to charge it. Basically placing it face up on a unique mat or tabletop is adequate to get started charging up your smartphone's battery, be it the iPhone X , iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 or any number of different smartphones that assistance wireless charging.

In addition to the battery itself, you'll also get the added bonus of an intelligent battery status on your iPhone's Lock Screen and Notification Centre, so you can see how a lot power you have left on your iPhone and on the Battery Case.

There are a lot of diverse varieties of iPhone X case, such as bumper, folio, flip, sock, pouch, sleeve, skin, wallet and clip, and evaluating your lifestyle iphone x kılıf and likely usage scenarios is certainly crucial in deciding which will be the very best design and style/s for you.

The photos show a dual camera technique incele on the back of the telephone with a single camera on major of the other and a flash involving them, which confirms previous leaks. The iPhone eight is also lighter at six.14 ounces, compared with six.9 ounces for the Note eight.

Spot your mophie case with charge force wireless energy on any wireless charging base and power is sent to your device straight on make contact with. It appears trendy, doesn't add also substantially bulk to the telephone, improves grip, and is lightweight. If you are planning on purchasing iPhone eight, or just want to make positive your iPhone 7 holds its value, then this is unquestionably a essential obtain.

Apple's Sensible Battery Case comes in White or Charcoal Grey, and is created with silicone. You'd assume that true marble would add some bulk to your iPhone, but its only .8mm thin and Native Union prides it on its "lightweight design". Its glass - front and back - is the st durable ever.

It is the very first time Apple's employed OLED tech in an iPhone, and it delivers some large positive aspects. 8/9/17: The Wall Street Journal (paywalled) reports that "glitches" in the manufacturing of the iPhone 8 could lead to provide shortages and delays in shipping following the smartphone's unveiling next week.

Getting a cased based program you can immediately and conveniently detach your phone from the mount and know it's protected in a slim, impact resistant case. The appropriately named Thin Fit is a slim cover, which snaps to the iPhone and holds it tight.

This thin and transparent case appears fairly lightweight and practical, protecting your device from scratches with no absolutely hiding away its all-natural colour. Also, hunting at your phone is fairly simple, but I get why some will miss Touch ID.

There's a Hinge wallet case for your iPhone. As such, the iPhone eight and 8 Plus could as well have been named "iPhone classic" - ten years in, it appears that major bezels and a home button are no longer needed. 7/9/17: German website Macerkopf claims that pre-orders iPhone 8 pre-orders will kick off on 15 September, adding weight to a earlier leak courtesy of Evleaks.

That is precisely what we had been aiming for with our iPhone wallet situations. We'll be adding far more cases to this list as time goes by and as we see additional alternatives appear on the industry, too. Yep, you study that proper, there is no name or logo on the Peel Super Thin iPhone X Case, meaning that its ultra-thin (.35 mm) and sleek style is completely uninterrupted.

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